For the inaugural Beta Season, the Gauntlet League will be using a completely randomized matchmaking system to determine the teams & lobbies for each match. There will be no ELO Rating system being actively used for matchmaking. This is to ensure that each player has the same chance of teaming up with and matching up against any other players in any given match. While we acknowledge that within the highest tiers of competitive Apex there are still differences in the levels of player skills & abilities, players accepted into the Gauntlet League are expected to play well enough to consistently hold their own. Thus, we believe this is the fairest & most balanced system in setting up teams & lobbies for each match. However, we are working on establishing a fully-fledged ELO system behind the scenes during the Beta month. If there is overwhelming player support to implement an ELO system for matchmaking, we may potentially transition to it for future seasons.

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